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Huang Xiaodi, affiliated to Shanghai chopsticks delivery information technology Co., Ltd., is a key project of its catering platform construction. The new digital catering service platform of huangxiaodi focuses on providing integrated solutions for catering brands, such as shop leasing, store operation, online operation, data marketing, marketing, brand incubation and supply chain. Huang Xiaodi takes shared kitchen as the basic business, integrates online and offline resources by using digital system, conducts comprehensive big data analysis and operation guidance, empowers catering practitioners, and helps small and medium-sized catering practitioners achieve success.


Here is Huang Xiaodi

Huang Xiaodi gathers various catering brands and emphasizes takeout business. Therefore, he can choose first-class business district and second-class section (online can cover high-quality passenger flow, and offline rent is relatively cheap).

Huang Xiaodi has advantages

Huang Xiaodi's advantage lies in its online and offline operation capability.

Huang Xiaodi takes you to fly

At present, 400 + brands have been settled, including Wallace, manling porridge store, Sihai Youlong, Dexter and other well-known brands.

Join Huang Xiaodi to win the future.

We sincerely invite you to join us to make a better life!

Franchise information

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  •  Franchise advantages

    Through the innovation of new catering mode, Huang Xiaodi saved 70% operation cost and 30% store opening cost for merchants, improved the cost structure of catering industry and increased the profit of merchants.

    Huang Xiaodi carries out professional energy transformation in each venue to meet the demands of catering merchants for electricity, gas, smoke exhaust, water supply and drainage, and truly achieve the goal of carrying bags and settling in.

  •  Franchise advantages

    Huang Xiaodi not only ensures the area of each operation area, but also designs a dining outlet, food and beverage moving line and storage area for each merchant, which greatly improves the efficiency of finished takeout products and the delivery rate

    Part of the project designed a comfortable dining area, by the top domestic designers personally, will show the modern simple fashion style incisively and vividly.


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